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OCEPLAST SAS gives a guarantee to the Purchaser that during the ten (10) years following the initial purchase, and according to normal conditions of use and maintenance excluding all external causes, the composite material products decking Ocewood® decking and fencing will not split or breakup and will not be structurally damaged by termites. The heat lecturing of the fencing accessories - posts and aluminium covered trims - have the QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE labels. They are guaranteed for 10 years in general and for 5 years if they are located less than 500 metres from the marine littoral.


If a defect occurs during the guarantee period, the Purchaser must immediately notify OCEPLAST SAS in writing and the guarantee will only be effective after validation of the claim by OCEPLAST SAS. To make a claim under this limited guarantee, the Purchaser must send to OCEPLAST SAS, during the guarantee period defined above, a description of the defect in question and proof of purchase.

After the Purchaser has notified OCEPLAST SAS of the problem and the claim has been validated, OCEPLAST SAS shall:

Replace the defective Ocewood® products with non-defective Ocewood® products,

or replace the defective product with a substitute Ocewood® product  that OCEPLAST SAS  considers to be of a comparable value and quality,

or reimburse the proportion of the purchase price paid by the Purchaser for the defective item taking account of the depreciation in the value of the product (excluding the initial installation costs).


The choice of the option to be taken is OCEPLAST SAS' exclusive choice.
The guarantee offered on the replacement products shall only run for the remaining period of the initial guarantee. OCEPLAST SAS reserves the right to suspend availability of any of the Ocewood® products at any time.
The costs incurred by the removal of defective Ocewood® products or the storage of the replacement products are not covered by this guarantee. No additional costs (shipping costs, delivery costs, removal or installation, damage to image or other damage) are covered by the guarantee and OCEPLAST SAS expressly declines all liability.


OCEPLAST SAS does not guarantee and cannot be held responsible - and no implicit guarantee will be considered to cover - any damage imputable to:

Incorrect installation of the Ocewood® products and/or failure to comply with the installation instructions supplied by OCEPLAST SAS in the sales and technical documentation of the product concerned available on the website or supplied at the time of the purchase.

Failure to comply with the rules laid down by the applicable Unified Technical Document (DTU) or the recommendations of professional organisations (such as FTBA, ATB, etc.)

The use of Ocewood® products outside normal residential use, or for an application other than that foreseen by OCEPLAST SAS and specified in the sales and technical documentation or non-compliance with the local building codes.

The movement, distortion, collapse or settling or subsidence of the ground or the supporting structure upon which the Ocewood® products are installed.

Water stagnation on the surface of the boards which, in principle, are impermeable (co-extruded range) or of low porosity (100% composite range).

The homogenisation of the colour of the board, including OPTIMA PLUS board ribbing.

All cases of force majeure events (floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning, etc.) or environmental problems (atmospheric pollution, mould, etc.) or soiling by an external substance.

Colour variations or changes related to exposure to natural UV

The deterioration of the products in the Ocewood® range by incorrect handling or due to inappropriate storage or unsuitable treatment or by the Purchaser's or a third party's negligence.


Only OCEPLAST SAS is authorized to make statements - and OCEPLAST SAS will not be bound by any statement of this type - relating to the characteristics, performance or any recommendation for the installation of the Ocewood® products other than on the basis of this guarantee. This guarantee cannot be modified or amended except by written document signed by OCEPLAST SAS and the Purchaser.


OCEPLAST SAS will not under any circumstances be liable for special, consequential or indirect or intangible damages and OCEPLAST SAS' liability as regards the defective products shall not under any circumstances exceed the replacement of these products or the reimbursement of the purchase price as described above.

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