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Maintenance of the Océwood® Composite

Factors contributing to the degradation of composite wood

Whatever the material used, your decking or your fencing will be subject to weathering, pollution, moss, and various other dust or dirt.



Ocewood® composite is non-porous material.
However, stains such as cold or hot fat, wine, carbonated soft drinks, cigarettes, ketchup can be seen.


Cleaning composite wood

Regular cleaning with a brush and/or a high pressure cleaner will allow you to keep your boarding clean.
Cleaning your decking or your fencing using a high pressure cleaner enables you to eliminate sanding dust.
Spraying with commercial moss remover to avoid deposits of persistent moss, algae or lichens on the surface of the material.

If the boarding is not maintained periodically the moss/lichens/algae and other dirt becomes ingrained and accentuates cleaning difficulties.

In the first weeks of exterior exposure, the effective damp and UVs on the lignin in the wood meal causes even fading of the boarding or even unsightly rings, due to the discharge of lignin from the wood.
This reaction is natural and temporary. Quickly the material acquires a patina in its definitive colour.



Although decking in composite wood requires very little structural maintenance, it is however necessary to wash and protect your boards at the end of the installation process:

  1. Go over the boards with a high pressure cleaner to remove any dust after sanding.
  2. Once the decking has been well cleaned, spray the whole surface with moss remover.

Simply cleaning your decking at the end of each winter period with conventional products is then sufficient: high pressure water cleaner, moss remover.


Before maintenance, Composite wood before maintenance During maintenance, Composite wood during maintenance After maintenance, Composite wood after maintenance
before maintenance        during maintenance        after maintenance


For the 100% composite ranges (ESPACE, CLASSIK and OPTIMA decking, BOREALE fencing) the action of UVs or rain gradually eliminates these stains.
For the OPTIMA Plus, OPTIMA Eko and BOREALE Plus ranges the exterior PVC skin facilitates the elimination of the stains by wiping with a sponge.


Maintenance Products

Discover the maintenance products developed by Océwood® specifically for the Océwood® Decking, Fencing and Screen walls: 



OcéClean moss remover

Preventive and curative moss remover for Océwood® composite wood decking and fencing boards. They are designed to eliminate the microorganisms that cause these unsightly stains. OcéClean must be die lucid before spraying on your Océwood® decking, fencing or screen walls.


  • Packaging: 1 litre
  • Use: to be diluted
  • Area covered: Approximately 50 m²
  • Use : Preventive and curative


OcéProtect VarnishOceProtect

OcéProtect is a protective, preventive varnish designed to protect Océwood® decking boards in areas said to be "at risk" (frequent passage, restaurants, decking under fruit trees, decking  protected  from rain and UVs, etc.). OcéProtect is applied neat, on your Océwood® decking only.


  • Packaging: 1 litre
  • Use: neat
  • Area covered: Approximately 8-10 m²
  • Use : Preventive
  • Effectiveness : Up to 5 years on average
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Video of maintenance - Océwood® composite Decking

Video of maintenance - Océwood® composite Fencing

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