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How much weight can Océwood® decking board withstand?

The Océwood® decking board in composite wood can withstand up to 450kg/m² (evenly distributed). 

Are there any splinters in Océwood® composite boards?

No: the wood contained in our products, solely beech meal, is extruded (i.e. compressed and forced through a die to be formed into its final shape). It therefore has no splinters.    

Are Océwood® decking boards slippy?

Unlike wood, Océwood® composite wood boards are not slippy, particularly when they are wet.
Indeed, the surface treatment of the Océwood® material significantly reduces the risk of slipping on a dry or wet floor.

Does your composite wood contain dangerous products?

No, Océwood® composite wood does not contain any dangerous products: as a French manufacturer, we are governed by the REACH standard, that means that our suppliers guarantee that there are no forbidden additives in the products, and we give the same guarantee to our customers.  

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