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The new collection of decorative boards for Boréale Design fencing in composite wood customises your Océwood ®composite fencing and gives a unique character to your living environment.

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To go beyond the quality, the modular heights and practicality of the Boréale composite wood fencing range, we have added a unique stylish collection of decorative fencing boards!


NEW! Boréale Design is available in aluminium openwork!

In 2017, Océwood® has the pleasure of presenting its new range of laser cut decorative aluminium boards. Many advantages: 

  • A  very contemporary appearance
  • significant reduction in the force of the wind on your fencing, thanks to decorative boards with openwork
  • Decorative boards that are a perfect match for your Océwood® fencing posts
  • 3 formats to allow you more and more choice from which to customise your garden fencing!


3 boards format


Unique, fun fencing, that can be customised

This line of decorative boards for Océwood® fencing, pioneering in terms of its completely new pioneering concept, combines transparency with colour with great originality providing a really stylish visual barrier. 

Choose your style, combine board colours, post colours and the themes of your decorative boards and build a unique environment with surprising modernity.

Position these decorative boards randomly along your panels, as the fancy takes you on your composite fencing to go one step further in the customisation of your environment!


The New 2017 "Aluminium Openwork" Range

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lame_deco_pour_cloture_composite_en_aluminium__boreale_design_new_york   Boreale Design - Olive Tree   Boreale Design - Zebra   Boreale Design - Odyssey

(ALU New York - ALU Olive Tree - ALU Zebra - ALU Odyssey)


The Materials Range (rough, frosted, Persian)

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lame décorative clôture Persienne - Boreale Design Ocewood   lame décorative clôture Translucide - Boreale Design Ocewood   lame décorative clôture Double dépoli - Boreale Design Ocewood   lame décorative clôture Depoli simple - Boreale Design Ocewood

ALUMINUM Openwork - PMMA transparent - PMMA Double Frosted - PMMA Sing Frosted


The Adhesive Range (adhesive PMMA)

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lame d  Odyssey

PMMA New York - PMMA Odyssey



The characteristics of the Boréale Design composite fencing decorative boards


Our decorative inserts are available in 3 different types of material giving an appearance of aesthetic beauty and high end quality: 

  • Aluminium openwork boards: made entirely of Qualicoat/Qualimarine certified aluminium
  • Single frosted and double frosted boards: in mass-frosted PMMA.
  • All our other decorative boards are in adhesive PMMA* (*Plexiglas - adhesives specially designed for the exterior)


Aluminum  - Aluminum - Adhesive PMMA - Frosted

decorative boards


Inserts to be embedded (chemical bedding or bedding in the concrete) are made in steel and have excellent wind resistance.


Matched with the Boréale fencing posts (8 colours to choose from), for better customisation. 


A collection for all tastes, with adhesive, frosted or aluminium effect boards. 

chaleur 2-min

Boréale Design decorative boards (except brushed aluminium) maintain your privacy but allow light to come through. 

temps de pose-min

Once the inserts are embedded, assembling the Boréale fencing is just a simple stacking action. 

Fabrication Francaise-min

All Océwood® composite boards are made in France, in our factory in the Vendée area. 

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Colours & finish

The New 2017 "Aluminium Openwork" Range   

Aluminum decorative boards

Aluminum decorative boards 2



  • 3 formats: Single Horizontal (200 x 1950 mm)/Double Horizontal (400 x 1950 mm)/Vertical (450 x 1800 mm)
  • 3 Colours of aluminium board: Grey 7016, Grey 7037 or Brown 650 Sanded
  • 4 Colours of aluminium frame: Grey 7016, Grey 7037 or Taupe 7006 Brown 650 Sanded

ocewood__lame_deco_alu__olivier__009060300_0906_22122016 ocewood__lame_deco_alu__ny__040660900_0906_22122016 ocewood__lame_deco_alu__odyssee__076228000_0906_22122016 ocewood__lame_deco_alu__zebre__031026400_0907_22122016


The Materials Range (rough, frosted, Persian)

decorative board


  • One format: 200 X 1950 mm
  • Persian Material: Grey aluminium 7016
  • Frosted & Transparent Material: Frosted PMMA or Rough PMMA
  • 4 Colours of aluminium frame: Grey 7016, Grey 7037 or Taupe 7006 Brown 650 Sanded

ocewood__lame_deco_alu__persienne__054297500_0910_22122016 ocewood__lame_deco_depoli__001397100_0910_22122016 ocewood__lame_deco_transparente__034612500_0910_22122016


The Adhesive Range (adhesive PMMA)

PMMA adhesive decorative board


  • Deco board material: Adhesive PMMA (special exterior adhesive)
  • 4 Colours of aluminium frame: Grey 7016, Grey 7037 or Taupe 7006 Brown 650 Sanded


ocewood__lame_deco_odyssee__027571600_0911_22122016 ocewood__lame_deco_ny__033592500_0912_22122016


Technical characteristics
  • MATERIAL: PMMA (Plexiglas) with adhesive coating or ALUMINUM + Frame in lacquered aluminium (8 colours)
  • PROFILE: 200 X 30 mm or 400 x 30 mm or 450 x 30 mm
  • LENGTH: 1950 mm
  • USE: Replace 1 or 2 Boréale composite board


Installation & Documentation
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