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Océwood, registered trademark of the OCEPLAST Company


Specialist in PVC extrusion since 2002, Océplast was originally a semi-finished PVC profile manufacturer supplying industry. From its creation Océplast targeted the manufacture of quality products with a new material - composite. The company therefore used its expertise in the creation and handling of PVC profiles to apply them to composite wood, and to create the brand of decking and fencing in composite wood - Océwood.

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Result: an exceptional composite wood formulation which guarantees that our products benefit from a number of qualitative assets:

  • great strength
  • longevity of the material and the colours
  • resistance to sunlight, to damp and to extreme climatic variations
  • easy to install and to use
  • and of course the beauty of the boards and the finishes. 


...and cellular profiles specially developed for various uses:

  • private spaces
  • public spaces with frequent passage
  • aquatic areas
  • ...

Océplast is establishing itself as the reference in the composite wood market by offering consumers exterior concepts in WPC ready to install and renowned for their attractive style and their quality.


Industry with a passion

Beyond our entrepreneurial will and our expertise, the foundations of OCEPLAST are mainly based on a shared passion for Industry in its innovative dimension, its human size and the richness of its partnerships.
A taste for a challenge
How satisfying is it to note that each custom-built project, each range or concept development has been built on technical, marketing and sales challenges involving the successive integration of new skills, the implementation of new processes, and the formulation of new materials.


Specific expertise

Our original ambition is now translated into recognised expertise in the creation of customised products with ground-breaking techniques and concepts, spurred on by the advent of composite material and sustainable development.

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Our values:


  • Respect of human resources
  • Collective effort, responsiveness, flexibility
  • Innovation
  • The taste for a challenge
  • Implementing new process, new materials, and new patents.
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