Ocewood's main assets
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Find the assets of Océwood composite decking  and composite fencing here:



meteo (5) vFastness of the colours and resistance to sunlight


Mass pigmented, Océwood boards only fade very slightly after installation then retain their colours in the long term, thanks to the high quality of their REACH certified pigments. 


nettoyageVery easy to maintain


Once they have been washed with a high pressure water cleaner and moss remover after installation, our boards require very little structural maintenance: there is no need to use wood brightener, oil or other varnishes. To clean any stains use soapy water, and refer to our FAQs and composite board maintenance videos.
After the winter, clean using ample amounts of water with a high pressure jet and spray with moss remover to ensure your decking is ready for the season. 


feet (1) vReduced risk of slipping


The surface treatment of the Océwood® material significantly reduces the risk of slipping on a dry or wet floor. Our decking is therefore ideal for use as a swimming pool deck. 


marteau (2) vGood shock resistance


Made up of 60% PVC, polymer renowned for its strength, Océwood products are very resistant.
It meets the criteria of the NF EN 477 standard for resistance to explosive shells.



thermometer10 vGood resistance to extreme temperatures


 Due to its thermal inertia, the cellular profile prevents concentration of heat within the board.
Océwood boards are designed to resist ambient temperatures between -20°c and 40°c, as demonstrated by our work sites in the Czech Republic and New Caledonia


feet (1) vNo splinters


Extruded and made up of wood meal, Océwood boards do not have any splinters.


chronometer10Quick installation


Our ranges of decking and fencing are designed for easy installation both for professionals and for private individuals.


meteo (3) vGood weather resistance


Océwood boards have low damp absorption. They are therefore resistant to weathering and heavy rain, all the more so since the rainwater runs off thanks to the slope put in place when the foundations are laid, which prevent water stagnation in the cells. 
N.B.: The polymer part of Océwood's material causes the boards to expand along their length. It is essential to comply with the expansion spaces laid down in the manual and the installation videos.

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