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How often should I maintain my Océwood® decking?

As for any other material installed outside which is exposed to the weather, pollution, etc., your Océwood® decking may require spring cleaning once a year. You will be pleased to find that, thanks to its watertight properties, cleaning is easy:

Clean it using a high pressure water cleaner and bleach if it is very dirty.

Rinse abundantly with water until you can no longer smell the bleach.

Then spray it with moss remover.

Your decking is ready for the season...
For more detailed information, consult the maintenance page.

After installation, rings have appeared on my decking/fencing

This phenomenon is totally normal: when they are finished, Océwood® boards are sanded, which causes the lignin from the wood contained in the boards to be discharged on to the surface. This discharge causes unsightly rings which may remain after cleaning following installation. They will disappear naturally in the weeks following installation, by the effect of the weather and the rainwater.

How to clean my Océwood® fencing?

As for any other material installed outside, your Océwood® fencing is exposed to the weather, pollution and other everyday wear and tear.  However, it is very easy to clean:

  • Clean it using a high pressure water cleaner.
  • Then spray it with moss remover (of the OcéClean type).
  • Take care if you use bleach as it may damage surrounding vegetation.

Further details here

I have made bicycle tyre marks on my Océwood® decking

Try to brush the marks with soapy water. As a last resort, you can try to sand the board lightly using 24 or 40 grain wood sandpaper gently by hand.

I have stained my Océwood® decking. How do I clean it?

To find out how to remove any stains, consult our maintenance videos. They explain how to remove the most common stains. 

I have stained my boards with oil/fat

Remove the excess oil/fat with absorbent paper to prevent spreading. Clean it using a sponge and soap or bicarbonate of soda.
A ring may remain. It will fade naturally over time with the effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun and the moon.

I have stained my boards with Glue/Sap/Varnish

Océwood® boards are sanded, they therefore have rough areas in which glue or sap can become embedded. Therefore, unfortunately it is not possible to remove the product entirely.
Try to sand it slowly, by hand, using 24 or 40 grain wood sandpaper. For fencing, if there are glue runs, proceed in the same way after removing the excess glue and leaving it to dry.

I have stained my boards with a paint aerosol

Paint in aerosols is generally indelible. If it is still fresh and has left light marks, rub the board with a damp sponge and bicarbonate of soda. Leave the bicarbonate of soda to soak in, then clean with high pressure water cleaner. If there is a very pronounced mark that has dried and is still visible in spite of the above actions, it is unlikely that the stain will disappear. 

I have stained my boards with wine/coloured liquid/soda/foodstuffs/sauces

Wipe with a damp sponge to remove as much of the substance as possible. Apply a stain remover, such as bicarbonate of soda. Leave the stain remover to soak in, then clean with high pressure water cleaner. If rings remain, they will fade naturally with the ultraviolet rays of the sun and with the rain.

My Océwood® decking/fencing is damaged, how does this come about?

There are 2 possible causes:

  • Either it is simply dirty, and this is normal. As for any other material exposed to the weather and other exterior pollution, your decking gets dirty. It just needs to be cleaned. Spray with a high pressure water cleaner with a little bleach (if it is very dirty) for effective cleaning.
  • If it is really damaged and has mechanical or physical defects, check that you have followed all the recommendations for installing, use and maintenance to allow you to make a claim on the guarantee.

In all cases, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to find a solution.

Do you recommend products to maintain my Océwood® decking?

Yes, Océwood have developed specific products for Océwood® composite wood (decking boards, fencing, and screen wall): OcéClean. For annual maintenance, use a conventional moss remover. For cleaning, bleach, soap or bicarbonate of soda are all perfectly suitable for cleaning without harming the boards. 

  • If your decking is subject to frequent staining (decking under a fruit tree, reception or catering decking...)
  • or if it is sheltered from the rain and the UVs (pergola for example)

We highly recommend using our product OceProtect

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