Installing Decking
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Is it possible to fix the Océwood® composite joists on studs?

No, Océwood® composite joists are not structural profiles. If you want to use adjustable studs, you should use wooden joists for free standing structures (minimum dimensions: 45 X 95 mm).

Can I use composite joists of another brand?

We strongly advise against this: the differences in material can make the combination of Océwood® boards and composite joists of another brand incompatible. Also, the structure of your decking will not be guaranteed in this case.

Do Océwood® joists have to be screwed on to a concrete slab?

Yes, a concrete slab is essential in order to install Océwood® composite joists.

Can I use wooden joists to install my Océwood® decking?

Yes, however in this case we recommend that you use joists in rot-proof wood and with struts to prevent the wooden joists twisting, and also to follow the recommendations for installing wooden joists.

Can I use any type of clips to install my Océwood® decking?

Océwood® has developed a special system of fixings for each range of boards: 

We recommend you follow our instructions regarding fixings to ensure that they are guaranteed. For more details on the fixings relating to each range, consult the "fixings" section for each range of products.

How do I cut the Océwood® decking boards if they are too long or wide?

To cut your boards to size, a conventional saw will be suitable. The Océwood® boards are all made up of 100% composite wood and are therefore easy to machine. 

I would like to have more details about installing my Océwood® decking/fencing

For step by step explanations on the installation of your Océwood® decking or fencing, go directly to our installation and maintenance videos page. You will find videos specific to the range that you have chosen. 

Do you need more advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on +33 (0)2 51 48 70 11 or by e-mail at

Is it possible to install the Océwood® boards directly on the ground (tiled, paved, concrete, etc.)?

No, a decking board must be fixed on a support perpendicular to the board, at a height which leaves an air gap and with 40 cm centres.
Joists are mandatory, to ensure there is a gap between the boards and the ground, and thus allow rainwater or washing water to run away.

Do I have to install my Océwood® decking on a concrete slab?

No, however it is essential to have stable ground upon which we can offer you wood joists (minimum dimensions 45 X 95 mm) to be installed on adjustable stubs.

How do I install the Océwood® boards on a balcony?

For advice on installing Océwood® decking on a balcony, consult our dedicated article on the Tendances Composite Blog.

Is it normal for water to lie on the board after it has rained?

Yes, Océwood® boards are not very porous. It is therefore normal for water to lie on the boards until it evaporates.

Can Océwood® boards swell if water enters and stagnates in the cells?

Only a small proportion of the formulation of the Océwood® material is wood. The board are therefore watertight. Even if water were to stagnate inside the cellular profile, the board would not swell. But, this is not possible because a wood or composite wood deck must be installed with a slope of 1 to 2% (10 to 20mm per metre) to facilitate water run-off.

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