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Boréale Range of composite fences from Océwood®: the line of fencing boards whose completely new pioneering concept combines originality, transparency and colour. For further details, do not hesitate to fill in a request for an estimate or a free sample!

Cloture contemporaine sur muret en bois composite Boréale - Gris Clair - Ocewood

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High quality composite fences...

Océwood® composite fencing boards combine strength and beauty. Their appearance, close to that of wood, and their colours make it a unique warm product which enhances your garden.

Whether it's to maintain your privacy, to shelter you from the wind or simply to enclose your living space, Océwood® fencing panels adapt to your needs with elegance to ensure your well-deserved well-being.

clôtures en bois composite boreale Ocewood


Discover Boréale Plus, the new generation of composite fencing boards: the protective skin of the boards gives them a unique aesthetic appearance, exemplary colour retention over time and simplified maintenance...


Stabilised, ultra-resistant colour

Boréale Plus fencing boards are "coextruded", i.e.   Coated on both sides with a protective PVC skin. This coextrusion system combined with the high pigment quality and the use of technical colouring (which reduces temperature rise by 10°C in the event of high exposure to the sun) offer excellent colour stability over time.  


clotures boreale plus nouvelle generation composite


Feel and appearance of wood

The random colouring and special sanding of the boards give the Boréale Plus composite boards give a very natural appearance, accentuated by woody or mineral colours. Each board is unique, and the result is surprisingly close to that of wood or natural stone. 


Boreale Plus range


Stain cleaning made simple

The protective PVC skin makes the Boréale Plus composite fencing more impermeable, and therefore easier to clean in the event of staining (pollution, fruit trees, etc.).

Custom-made composite fencing

With standard panel heights varying from 60 cm to 1.80m, and up to 2.60m for non-standard heights, Boréale composite fencing is modular and meet all needs either for installation on low walls or directly on the ground.


+ 4 heights possible: 2035 - 2235 - 2435 - 2635 mm


Robust composite fencing


With a thickness of 30 mm, Boréale fencing boards are amongst the strongest in the market, for solid and reassuring fencing. Guaranteed for 10 years, they come with aluminium posts of the same high quality. 

avantages poteau boreale-min      avantages lame Boreale-min



WBow-minRobust and stylish, the Boréale aluminium posts are designed, due to their thickness (8 X 11 cm) and their internal board pivoting system, to cover all angles from 0 to 180° (WBow concept). 

To stabilise angles other than 90° and 180°, they come with a padding joint which locks the boards and secures them at the desired angle. 

A single post no matter what the angle of your Boréale fencing, which adapts perfectly to the contours of your space.



Unique, fun composite fencing


5 board colours, 8 post colours and 11 heights to choose from making more than 440 possible combinations to customise your composite fencing and to make it unique!

panneaux cloture en bois composite OCEWOOD


Of the composite boards (thickness 3 cm) and of the posts (80 X 110mm) among the highest quality posts in the market. 


Inserts to be embedded (chemical bedding or bedding in the concrete) are made in steel and have excellent wind resistance.


Steel reinforcements slide inside the boards to give a stylish appearance.

angle variable-min

The single Boréale posts in aluminium cover all angles from 0 to 180°.


8 board colours, 8 post colours, 11 panel heights! 


Boréale fencing is ordered in "all inclusive" packs (boards and posts). Easy and practical!

temps de pose-min

Once the inserts are embedded, assembling the Boréale fencing is just a simple stacking action. 

certif alu-min

The Boréale posts have the Qualicoat/Qualimarine Certification for the aluminium lacquering. 

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Colours & finish

Boréale : 4 board colours

More than a simple delimitation, your Boréale fencing extends the ambiance of your living area (gardens, balconies and decking). It harmonises with the different elements that characterise your exterior decoration in a durable way. Discover our 5 board colours:

Coloris lames Boreale - Coriandre  Coloris lames Boreale - Taupe Coloris lames Boreale - Gris Clair Coloris lames Boreale - Anthracite 
Coriander   -   Taupe Grey   -   Light Grey   -   Dark Grey


Boréale Plus : 4 board colours

More than a simple delimitation, your Boréale Plus fencing brings out the beauty of your exterior. Discover our 4 colours of woody and mineral inspiration:Click on the images to enlarge them

  Boréale Plus - Ecume (2) BD  Boréale Plus - Basalte  Boréale Plus - Moka  boreale plus - arabica
Sea Foam- Basalt - Moka - Arabica

6 post colours

With the Boréale range, customise your fencing in every detail! Marine style, African style, classical style, modern style.... Nothing is impossible with the multiple possible combinations of boards and posts!

2017 posts colors

Visualise your combinations! 

Hesitating about your colours? Use our simulator and test the numerous possible combinations! 

 access to simulator


The packaging of the BOREALE range is specially designed to simplify the estimation of your needs, facilitate the collection of the goods and provide all the items need for installing your fencing.

There are 2 types of pack: The Board pack and The Post pack.


The Board pack comprises:

  • 3 x Boréale boards in the colour of your choice (1 colour per kit)
  • 1 x 1950mm reinforcement.


The Post pack is made up of:

  • 1 aluminium post in the colour and of the height of your choice
  • 1 trim matching the post
  • 1 end piece for the post
  • 1 bedding plate for bedding in the ground adapted to the height of the post
  • 1 tube of glue to fix the boards together
  • A set of hardware (screws, nuts and washers)
  • 1 additional reinforcement in the packs other than 1235 and 1835.



Technical characteristics

Characteristics of the composite boards


  • MATERIAL: 100% Océwood Composite
  • TYPE: Double sided board
  • FINISH: Smooth + 1 central groove
  • DIMENSIONS: 200 X 30 mm
  • LENGTH: 1950 mm
  • GUARANTEE: 10-year commercial guarantee


Characteristics of the aluminium posts


  • MATERIAL: Lacquered aluminium
  • DIMENSIONS: 110 X 80 mm
  • LENGTH: from 635 to 2635 mm
  • GUARANTEE: 10-year commercial guarantee
  • RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE from €66.10 including VAT/post pack


Unified Technical Document (DTU) - Rule NV65 Climatic action snow and wind

The BOREALE fencing concept by OCEWOOD® is dimensioned to comply with rule NV65 of the Unified technical document (DTU) "Climatic action snow and wind".
For all heights greater than 1200mm, it is necessary to bed the posts (300 mm deep bedding for 1400mm useful height, 400mm bedding for 1600mm and 1800 mm useful height). 


DTU Neige et vent EN


The BOREALE post/board/finishing trim concept from OCEWOOD® comprises expansion spacings providing the boards are aligned on one side and they are not offset from each other (staggering).

Installation & documentation Quality

In order to offer quality, durable products, the Qualicoat label certifies the quality and the sustainability of the lack ring of our aluminium profiles. The Qualimarine label guarantees the resistance of the lacquering in extreme atmospheric conditions such as those prevailing in seaside areas. 

label qualicoat    qualimarine

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