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A contemporary design and unique materials, this Screen wall is super trendy... Separate spaces and protect keep out of sight with complete simplicity thanks to Boréale Screen walls, in composite wood and lacquered aluminium.


Claustra Design en bois composite Ocewood

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The new Océwood® Decorative Screen Wall


Océwood® presents its collection of "Claustra Design" Screen walls, creating an ideal atmosphere for use outdoors! Available on screw plates or mobile plates, they maintain your privacy while dividing up the spaces with style. Choose your configuration, colour, pattern and fixing system of your Claustra Design Screen wall. Your Screen wall is unique! 


NB: The Claustra Design is installed with 1, 2 or 3 panels, not exceeding a total length of 6m. For longer lengths, refer to the Boréale composite range of fencing.


A collection for all tastes

The Design Collection includes 7 decorative themes...


collection Design


One Screen wall, 4 configurations! 

The Claustra Design Screen wall is made with 4 configurations so as to adapt better to your desires and your constraints. 
Looking for a super decorative visual barrier? Opt for the Claustra Design Screen wall equipped with the vertical option! With a height of 1.70m and a total length of 2m, it gives you privacy and style while allow the light to pass through. 

configurations Claustra

  • Claustra Design Screen wall: L 1407 X H 1714 X Th. 60 mm
  • Claustra Design screen wall + Option: L 1926 X H 1714 X Th. 60 mm
  • Claustra Plein Solid Screen wall + Option: L 1926 X H 1714 X Th. 60 mm
  • Option Only: L 519 X H 1714 X- Th. 60 mm


Robust, attractive materials

A contemporary design and unique materials, this Screen wall is super trendy... Separate spaces and keep out of sight in a very simple way thanks to Claustras Design Screen walls, in composite wood and lacquered aluminium matched with decorative boards in PMMA with adhesive treatment, perfectly adapted to outdoor use. 


A Simplified Assembly System

Delivered in kit form, Claustra Design and its decorative option is easy to assemble, without tools. The decorative PMMA board is removable and can be replaced as many times as you want, whenever you feel like it...

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Livré en kit, le Claustra Boréale ne nécessite aucun outil spécifique. Il se monte rapidement et facilement. 


Of the composite boards (thickness 3 cm) and of the posts (80 X 110mm) among the highest quality posts in the market. 

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All Océwood® composite boards are made in France, in our factory in the Vendée area. 


With their cellular profile, Océwood® boards have excellent inertia.

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With a low resumption of humidity, the Océwood boards resist well the bad weather and are adapted to the saline environment.


Combinez les Claustra Design, Claustra Plein et Option Design pour créer un brise-vue esthétique et unique ! 


Un joli choix de thèmes décoratifs à associer au graphique anthracite ou au doux taupe pour un claustra personnalisé ! 

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Coloris & finition

Le Claustra Design se décline sous 2 coloris : 

  • Lames Taupe & Poteaux Taupe 7006
  • Lames Anthracite & Poteaux Gris 7016


      Olivier - Claustra Design et Option - Taupe        NY - Claustra Design et Option - Anth

Caractéristiques Techniques
  • MATIERE : Lames en bois composite + Cadre aluminium laqué
  • PROFILE LAMES : 200 x 30 mm
  • PROFILE ALUMINIUM : 60 x 60 mm
  • POIDS : 48 kg
  • FORMAT UNIQUE : Hauteur 1714 mm / Largeur 1497 mm / Épaisseur 31 mm
Pose & documentation

Parce que l'environnement est au coeur de nos préoccupations, toutes nos lames en bois composite sont certifiées PEFC, à base de farine de bois de forêts gérées durablement. 

certification PEFC produits Ocewood


Afin de vous offrir des produits de qualité et durables, le label Qualicoat certifie la qualité et la durabilité du laquage de nos profilés aluminium. Le Label Qualimarine garantit la tenue des laquages en atmosphères extrêmes, comme celles de bord de mer. 

label qualicoat    qualimarine

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