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Find here our references of Optima construction sites and a multitude of decorating ideas for your terrace. The Optima boards distinguish themselves by their ease of maintenance and the incomparable durability of the color in time, thanks to the protective skin in PVC.

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Composite boards Optima Plus - Moka

Thanks to their PVC skin, the Optima Plus boards keep an intense and lasting color. The Mocha color reminds the natural wood with its veins.

Optima Plus - Moka terrasse composite style exotique


Composite boards Optima Plus - Basalte

With their dark gray nervures, the Basalt composite boards remind the tones of the natural stone and matches as well with a natural decking or a design decoration.

Optima Plus - Basalte - terrasse contemporaine bord de mer


Composite boards Optima Plus - Ecume

The Sea Foam colour is ideal for a exposed to the sun terrace, or a small surface which requires to be bright.

Lame Optima Plus Ecume-min


NEW! Composite boards Optima Plus - Arabica

Very warm, the Arabica colour reminds the shades of the walnut or the dark oak. A modern material that provides elegance to your terrace.

Lames Optima Plus Arabica - Terrasse style oriental


NEW! Composite boards Optima Plus - Carbone

2016 Novelty, the Carbon provides style and modernity to your composite decking! Very graphic, it matches with numerous ornamental atmospheres.

Optima Plus - Carbone - terrasse composite contemporain gris foncé



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