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Lames de terrasse beige MOKA - gamme Optima Eko par Ocewood
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Discover Optima Eko, boards combining recycled materials and cutting edge technology to ensure a unique aesthetic finish, and guarantee your comfort. 


Plage de piscine en bois composite - lames gris Carbone Optima Eko

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An eco-responsible board

The Optima Eko composite board are made up of recycled PVC (taken from PVC doors and windows at the end of its service life) and of Natural Fiber meal (flax shives) wich are bio-sourced
A board that reduces your environmental impact...



A unique, natural finish

Each Optima Eko decking board is unique due to its random shades and it special finishing process. The visual result is natural, with wooded or mineral inspiration, and a very impressive texture. 



A board that is easy to maintain, and more stain resistant

Curry, wine, grease, sauces.... all everyday stains in the summer period which can adhere to the boards on your composite deck and mark it temporarily despite cleaning.
Thanks to the technology of the Eko boards, very greasy stains impregnate the boards less and are eliminated more easily with a sponge.


entretien terrasse facile - eko



Use of technical pigments to ensure better heat resistance.

Thanks to technical pigments used in the dark colours, Optima Eko composite boards transfer the heat to the surface and limit rises in temperature when they are highly exposed to the sun, thus ensuring greater comfort. 

  • Profile: 161 x 26 mm
  • Length: 3m

The boards are covered with a protective PVC skin which gives them a whole range of technical and aesthetic assets. 

ecologie 2-min

Those composite boards are made up of recycled PVC and of natural fiber meal (flax shives). 


Each Optima Eko decking board is unique due to its random shades and it special finishing process. 

esthetique bois-min

The on-surface finish offers to the Eko boards a touch very similar to the natural wood.


The PVC skin (Coextrusion) protects the board and facilitates cleaning.


Coextrusion associated with very high quality pigments ensure the boards keep their colour remarkably well over time.

temps de pose-min

The Optima clip offers a 30% gain in installation time thanks to its quick and easy action.  


The use of special pigments for the darker colours reduces the temperature rise by 10°C. The board cells ventilate the board. 

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Colors & finish

3 natural colours

The Optima Eko range of coextruded composite decking is available in 3 naturally inspired, mineral or wooded colours.

From the warm Moka to the very contemporary Carbone, the colours of the Optima Eko composite boards make the most of your exterior and transform your decking into a pleasant and unique living space.

Coloris Optima Eko - Moka  Coloris Optima Eko - Basalte  Coloris Optima Eko - Carbone

Mocha                            Basalt                              Carbon 


Only very slight colour attenuation

Unlike 100% composite decking boards, Optima Eko boards are protected by a polymer skin. The colour retention is significantly improved, thus preventing pastellisation of your deck during the first months. 


For the areas that are exposed to the sun...

As for any type of material, the dark colours absorb more heat from the sun than light colours, particularly for highly exposed areas. But the use of technical pigments in the darker colours of the Optima Eko range (Arabica, Carbone), reduces the temperature rise in the boards when they are subject to extreme heat. 

The OCEWOOD® composite decking board is cellular. It does not retain heat in the same way as a solid composite board, thus facilitating a return to a tolerable temperature thanks to its interior ventilation.


Patented Optima Clip


Developed to facilitate board installation, the Optima clip for Océwood composite boards is asymmetrical and fulfils several functions:

  • Its flexible seal prevents the board slipping when it expands
  • Its 2 fins absorb the board's lateral expansion. There is no need to measure the required expansion space, the Optima clip does it for you.
  • Its special ergonomy allows you to screw one side and clip the other, to allow quick, comfortable and effective deck installation.
  • It is unobtrusive, and hardly visible once the deck installation is finished. This allows an aesthetic, uncluttered appearance.
  • Easy to dismantle: You only unscrew one line of clips to remove the adjacent boards. You then just have to reposition the clips at their original place, between the boards, and rescrew them to refit your planks.


i screw i clip

Technical characteristics
  • MATERIAL: Composite base + PVC skin
  • TYPE: Single face board
  • FINISH: Smooth
  • DIMENSIONS: 161 X 26 mm
  • LENGTH: 3 metres
  • FIXINGS: Optima Clip
  • WEIGHT: 2.80 kg /linear metre
  • LINEAR METRE: 6ml/m²
  • GUARANTEE: Commercial guarantee 10 years



As for all composite wood products, the OPTIMA EKO decking boards expand and contract according to variations in temperature and damp.
It is therefore necessary to allow a longitudinal expansion spaces at the end of your boards when installing them.

The Optima Eko boards are coextruded and therefore watertight. After cleaning or rain, it is possible that water lies on the boards until it evaporates, as for any impermeable material. 


Expansion clearance in mm:

jeux de dilatation

(L): Length of decking in metres
(D): Peripheral expansion in mm

Installation & documentation Quality

clip Optima

Optima Clips


The Optima board settles down exclusively with the associated Optima clips. 
Find the details of the Optiml clip in the "Fixing" chapter of this page.





"To ensure a well laid decking above all you need well laid joists".

Installing the joists is definitely the most important operation in the installation of your decking. 

>> More details about joists and accessories   





Angle profiles

Look after the outlines of your terrace Océwood with our flexible or rigid angle profiles!

>> More details about angle profiles


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