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Terrasse en composite Classik - Gris Anthracite
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Classik range of composite decking boards from Océwood®: Traditional, reliable and reversible, the first Océwood creation is excellent value for small surface areas.

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The aesthetic qualities of wood...

Classik composite boards have the aesthetic characteristics of traditional decking boards. Small and reversible, its finishes, its colours and its feel give it an appearance very close to that of wood.
Its classical lines make it a simple, product, perfectly suited to small areas of decking, paths or balconies.



...the resistance of composite ...

Océwood® composite wod decking boards are composed of 30% natural fiber meal (flax shives) and 70% PVC. This formulation allows us to produce a strong product, with excellent shock and scratch resistance.


classik - 2014.BD


... for elegant composite decking in all circumstances

Thanks to its double-sided finishes (smooth or wide groove), its 3 naturally inspired colours and its quality finishing accessories, a multitude of styles are available to help you to create the composite decking of your dreams!


Classik board, with its small width, is perfectly suited to decking with small a surface area.


Reversible boards, they therefore have 2 finishes (smooth or grooved), which can be mixed if you so wish...


Océwood composite is machined in the same way as wood, which is ideal for cutting.


With their cellular profile, Océwood® boards have excellent inertia.


Extruded and made with a flax meal base, Océwood® boards do not splinter, unlike natural wood.


The use of special pigments for the darker colours reduces the temperature rise by 10°C. The board cells ventilate the board. 


Classik boards are NF 514 certified (Anthracite & Light grey). OCEPLAST is the only French manufacturer that certifies its composite boards. 

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With a low resumption of humidity, the Océwood boards resist well the bad weather and are adapted to the saline environment.

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Colours & finish

... for elegant composite wood decking in all circumstances

Thanks to its double-sided finishes (smooth or wide groove), its reversibility, its 3 naturally inspired colours and its quality finishing accessories, a multitude of styles are available to enable you to create the composite decking of your dreams!

Coloris Classik - Gris Clair - Lisse Coloris Classik - Gris Clair - Rainures  Coloris Classik - Anthracite - Lisse Coloris Classik - Anthracite - Rainures  Coloris Classik - Coriandre - Lisse Coloris Classik - Coriandre - Rainures

Light Grey                                                 Dark Grey                                           Coriander


The Classik clip is the clip dedicated to the fixing of decking boards in the Classik range.

  • Symmetrical and very simple to use, it interlocks in the board and is screwed simply on to the joists.
  • It facilitates installation by integrating the necessary expansion clearances between the boards.
  • Thanks to its fins, the clip absorbs the lateral expansion of the boards.
  • You do not have to measure the spacing, the clip takes care of that for you!


clips-classik      clip-classik-vue-haut

Caractéristiques Techniques
  • MATERIAL: 100% Composite
  • TYPE: Reversible
  • FINISH: Smooth or Grooved
  • DIMENSIONS: 140 X 22 mm
  • LENGTH: 3 metres
  • FIXINGS: Classik Clip
  • WEIGHT: 2.30 kg /linear metre
  • LINEAR METRE: 7ml/m²
  • GUARANTEE: Commercial guarantee 10 years



As for all composite products, the CLASSIK decking boards expand and contract according to variations in temperature and damp.
It is therefore necessary to allow a longitudinal expansion spaces at the end of your boards when installing them.


Expansion clearance in mm:

jeux de dilatation

(L): Length of decking in metres
(D): Peripheral expansion in mm

Installation & documentation Qualité




Classik Clips

The Classik board settles down exclusively with the associated Classik clips. 
Find the details of the Classik clip in the "Fixing" chapter of this page.





"To ensure a well laid decking above all you need well laid joists".

Installing the joists is definitely the most important operation in the installation of your decking. 

>> More details about joists and accessories   





Angle profiles

Look after the outlines of your terrace Océwood with our flexible or rigid angle profiles!

>> More details about angle profiles


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