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Here's our image gallery about  Boreale Design decorative boards for Océwood® fencing...
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Boreale Design ALU - New York decorative boards



Boreale Design ALU - Zebra decorative boards



Boreale Design ALU - Olive Tree decorative boards

lame_deco_pour_cloture_boreale_design_olive tree


Boreale Design ALU - Odyssey decorative boards



Boreale Design - Persienne decorative boards



Boreale Design - Odyssey decorative boards

With its waved motives in the shades of brown under sun rays, those decorative board will provide character to your garden fencing.

Lame Deco pour cloture composite ocewood - odyssee


Boreale Design - New York decorative boards

For a garden fencing with a resolutely urban and trendy look, just choose a New York or Paris decorative board!

Lame Deco pour cloture composite ocewood - paris-min


Boreale Design - Double & Simple Frosted decorative boards

These decorative boards in frosted PMMA have the advantage to combine intimacy and luminosity! They are ideals to dress a separative trellis between neighbors. Available in simple and double height.

Lame Deco pour cloture composite ocewood - double depoli-min



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